Common Questions regarding Umbrella companies

Popular questions regarding umbrella company

Why do agencies use Umbrella companies?

A fully compliant umbrella employer manages the commercial, employment, taxation, and statutory risks associated with the use of temporary workers for the supply chain. This minimises the overheads, employment risk and administrative burden of managing temporary workers in-house.

What is an Umbrella company? 

An umbrella company is an employer of contractors and freelance professionals who complete assignments at various locations for recruitment agencies and/or end-hirers. The umbrella enters into a service contract with the agency or end-hirer, and an employment contract with the worker. 

What are your costs?

We make a profit on providing your services to your agency, Our charges are fixed £16 per week on pay as you work basis. For a personal illustration of what you could earn, contact our best advice team on 01235 424717.

When do I get paid?

As regularly as possible. We know that consistency is important to you, so in the vast majority of cases you’ll be paid on the same day each week or month. We run payroll at least once a day, so as soon as your agency pay us we will pay you. We will let you know by SMS on the morning of your pay day that how much you will get in your bank account.

How do I claim these expenses?

We have made it quick and easy for our employees to claim for the expenses they have incurred by launching a new amazing online expenses portal. This user-friendly portal can be accessed via a PC, tablet, or smartphone meaning you will never have to post any receipts to us. 
You can upload receipts to the portal either by scanning them, or by simply taking a photo on your smartphone. Our Employee Support Team will inform you of how to use this portal when you join, and there are also videos available on the Knowledge Hub section on this website. 
Most of our contractor employees spend a few minutes over the weekend following the week they have worked to upload their expenses so they receive the benefit in their next pay packet.

How do I join?

You can fully register as an employee with Guide UK Umbrella in a matter of minutes. The complete process can be completed totally online without the need for you to print, or post any documents to us. Furthermore, you can complete this online registration either on a PC, Tablet, or Smartphone. 
To start the process contact us on 01235 424717 you will initially be asked to complete a few basic details and once you have submitted them we will email you with your employee number and log-in details to our contractor portal. Once you are logged on to the portal you will be able to upload your proof of identity, complete a new starter declaration (P46) or upload your most recent P45 form. That's it. 
One of our registrations consultants will then contact you to answer any questions you may have.

What happens after I have joined?

Once you have become an employee of Genie Umbrella you will be contacted by our Employee Support Team. They will go into more detail regarding how to use the portal, the process of claiming your expenses, and how to make the most of your employment with us. 
The Employee Support Team is here to assist you during your employment with Genie Umbrella and can be contacted either by phone or email. 

What other benefits do I receive?

As an employee of Guide UK Umbrella you will be provided with full employment rights and statutory employee benefits including sick pay, maternity pay, and paternity pay. Our HR department would be more than happy to provide you with employment references whether you need it for a new permanent role, if you are moving home, or need to set up a new bank account.

What happens if I work for more than one agency?

We understand that you may be registered with more than one agency. Guide UK Umbrella can employ you for all the work you do regardless of how many agencies you are registered with, which ultimately means less hassle for you.

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