Here are some facts regarding AWR

Agency Workers Regulations 2010

From 1st October 2010 agency workers will have enhanced rights to equal pay, working time, and holidays as well as to access to facilities at the hirer site. The rights are given under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010
The Regulations are complex and difficult with a significant risk that the unwary may be caught out. To help our clients reduce risk, devise strategy and retain commercial competitiveness we offer Total AWR Support  with a focus on practical advice.   e-mail, phone 01235- 468420, 01235- 424334

Agency Workers Regulations basics

Rights under the Agency Workers Regulations apply to any individual classed as an agency worker. From the first day of an assignment the agency worker will acquire rights to facilities, including the right to be told of suitable job vacancies. Other rights apply after a qualifying period of 12 weeks including entitlement to equal pay, rest breaks, working time and holidays. The agency worker is entitled to those rights that either regular employees or workers of the hirer are entitled to, subject to certain exclusions.  Contact us
Hirers and agencies alike are understandably concerned about the potential impact.  Non-compliance with the AWR could lead to employment tribunal claims and significant liability for both the recruitment agency and its client. However the regulations are carefully designed, and options are available for agencies and hirers depending on the nature of their operations and sectors. These options are complex and difficult with a significant risk that the unwary may be caught out. The right advice is essential.

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