Where will you find your future employees?

Europe is facing a shortage of workers. An ageing society and declining birth rates mean that the working age population in the EU will start shrinking as early as 2012. There is also a risk, as businesses increasingly need high-skilled employees, that the workers of tomorrow willl not have the competencies that employers require.

This situation is compounded by the financial and economic crisis that Europe is currently experiencing. Young people have been hardest hit as they often lack sufficient experience to be competitive in a labour market where jobs are scarce.

Today there ar around five million unemployed youg people in the EU, one million more since the economic downturn began. Around 20% of young people are currently unemployed in UK(Source Eurostat) These figures represent a huge waste of human talent and potential. both for the your people concerned and for society as a whole.

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Mismatches between the skills that young people have acquired and those needed by employers also play a role in youth unemployment.

The EU and national govenments are working to tackle these problems. However, these measures will not be effective unless they are supported on the ground.

As young workers have enthusasm, energy and new ideas and are open to working in other places. What more are young people are often interested in becoming entrepreneurs themselves by setting up their own businesses.

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